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 GreatWyrm~BD~   -  Unlimited  -  Great Wyrm      -  4-1
 ~Kobra~         -  Unlimited  -  Wyrm            -  17-1

Strategies And Tactics

 Well, everyone could use some extra help in there game, here is a few good startegies
 that i came up with, feel free to copy them and print them for personel use, but
 please dont give them to everyone. Lets keep our strategies to ourselves! Good reading.
 Protoss Strategies
 • To avoid those early zerg rushes, build a gateway as early as you can (7th probe) while
 still being able to support it with your probes. Start making zealots. Soon after, when
 you have a bit more money, put up another gateway and continue pumping zealots out.
 It doesn't take that many zealots to destroy a zergling rush so you should get enough
 pretty quickly. 
 • To take out mutalisks easily, the archon is the best unit. It deals full damage + splash
 damage to them. Scouts aren't terrible but they only deal half damage to mutalisks. Of
 course, they have a very strong air-air attack so half damage is still quite a bit. The
 ultimate fear for zergs is the Psi-storm, use it to your advantage! 
 • The infested marine will not be seen often but if you do, watch out. If you see a couple
 of them moving toward you, try to hit them with some kind of splash damage weapon. If they
 are close enough together, they will blow eachother up when one of them dies. 
 Guarding Expansion Spots 
 • Simply send out an observer to each expansion spot. It's a real easy way to keep tabs
 on your opponent's position. 
 Towering the Enemy Mining Line 
 • If you know where the enemy’s mining line is and there is a high spot around that area,
 you can really mess them up. Drop a probe off in the high spot and have him build photon
 cannons that will be in range of the minning line. You can start bombarding the opponent
 with fire when the cannons are finished. 
 • This strategy could also be used in combination with an attack. Set up a few cannons
 outside an enemy base as you launch an attack against them. The cannons will just add to
 the fire power in your attack. If your units get weak, draw back to the shield batteries
 you build near the canons. While you heal, the canons hold off the enemies.
 Shuttle Bomb 
 • Here's an interesting strategy that reminds me of warcraft. Take your shuttle into an
 enemy base with a templar in it. Drop him off right in the path of the enemy SCVs and
 release a psionic storm or two right in that area. If you throw the spell directly on
 the templar he will be protected and any enemy that tries to attack him with a non-missile
 attack will be killed. The only problem is that it is difficult to get the shuttle in 
 without being destroyed if there is some air defense. Try to take out air defense
 before you do this, or even better upgrade the shuttle speed.
 • Reavers are a little annoying just because you have to make them and then build their
 scarabs. But if you have the minerals, build a couple of them. Especially if the enemy
 is trying to rush you with large numbers of zerglings, marines, and hydralisks. I've
 seen a single scarab shot take out a dozen zerglings...ouch. Basically, their the closest
 things to siege tanks.  
 • If you have built some, feel free to use them on the attack. A couple reavers will
 take out quite a few buildings in a matter of moments. Three shots to a bunker will
 take it out and clear a path for your other units to attack. Without them, it is much
 harder to penetrate a good terran defense with several bunkers. It might be wise to
 move them with shuttles because they're quite a bit slow. 
 • If you're fighting them, it helps to have good recon. If you see shuttles coming or
 any reavers slowly dragging themselves along, take some air units and rip them apart.
 Reavers are completely open to attack from air attacks if they lack a good support
 defense. If you can't kill the reavers in time before they are at your base, SPREAD
 OUT your units. This decreases their effectiveness dramatically. Rather than taking
 out 4 - 8 units they'll have to settle for one per scarab. 
 • Zealots are the bomb, all that and a bag a chips! That's a good way to describe
 these guys. They attack very fast resulting in lots of damage. Upgrades result in
 even greater damage due to this fast attack rate. They just plow through marines and
 zerglings. This makes them so effective for rushing early in a game.
 • It's pretty tough to defend against these units early on in a game. Firebats and
 large groups of hydralisks are a zealots main enemy early in the game, so try and
 attack them first or stay away. Other early units are just a joke for zealots. One
 disadvantage is that they have a building time of 40. But if you can get a lot of
 these out early in the game, your opponent will probably start crying. 
 • I really don't have anything good to say for dragoons. They cannot even come close
 to competing with zealots but you do need them for some air defense. You might want
 to bring some along with you in an attack to support your zealots. Keep them behind 
 the zealots and take pot shots on the enemy. Have them take out those Terran buildings
 that try to lift off and run away or tear a new hole in the enemy overlords. Anyway,
 you see the point - use them as a support unit to zealots. There fire rate is slow
 and it is very anoying to manuvers them around in big groups, scouts are the bomb
 with zealots, the perfect match.
 Psionic Storms 
 • Psionic storm does damage only to units (that means it doesn't damage buildings)
 but that doesn't mean it sucks. In fact, this spell is great. It can be used on either
 offense or defense. When the enemy is simply sitting in a choke point at their base
 or in any place where they are clumped up, storm the place. This spell kills units like
 marines, firebats, hydralisks, and mutalisks like nothing else works great on guardians
 • Cast your psi storm right on enemy units. They will turn and run at the templar.
 Simply throw another spell in front of the first. Any enemy that chases you through the
 psi storm will die. This can be used to wipe out a very large number of units if used
 • Also use it on defense if the enemy is attacking with a large number of small units.
 Cast psionic storm right on the lead units. If all goes well, the enemy units should 
 try to run through, destroying them completely. Or if a large clump of mutalisks are
 attacking your base, simply psi storm them. It will take out every single one of them 
 if they are sitting still. You can also use psi storm on cloaked units, like wraiths
 (you can see the odd looking water-like shape of these guys) 
 • This spell can be used to ambush an enemy in their own base. Cast hallucination on
 an arbiter and take him to the opposite side of an enemy base - the side you don't
 plan on attacking. When the enemy sees the arbiter, your opponent will probably try
 to kill it real quickly by reinforcing the defense in that area, or he will panic
 and do something stupid. While he does that, move in with your real attack force for
 the kill. 
 • This second use of is perhaps more useful. Cast hallucination on a carrier or two.
 Move in for the attack with some real units along with the fake ones. The opponent
 will most likely go after the more powerful unit (which happens to be fake). While
 they spend the time attacking the decoy, your units can rip apart their defense, for
 example, 6 hallucinations of carriers and 12 real scouts!
 • Using hallucination for scouting is really great. Cast hallucination on one of
 your opponents' units. Don't let the player you cast hallucination on see the decoy
 moving around because otherwise he'll probably catch on and warn his ally. Take the
 decoy into the other enemy's base. Take this decoy into his base to scout it out.
 He'll just figure his ally is scouting around and will most likely ignore it. 
 • Recall is one of those spells, like hallucination, that can really put the ambush
 on an enemy in his own base. Take your arbiters to the part of his base you want to
 attack, outside of his range of sight. Now, recall a lot of guys to that spot. Now
 you can attack from this unprotected flank, or, if you want, create a diversion first
 by attacking their front line with another group while the recalled units sneak in.
 Puts the enemy in a double bind, they must protect their front line and their supply
 Critter Scouts 
 • This tactic is really funny to use. Use a hallucination on a critter running around.
 Then move into the enemy base to check it out. The enemy will probably not notice the
 little invader. At least not before you get a scope of his capabilities.

 Terran Strategies
 • Terrans are fairly good against Zerg rushes when it comes to defense. First of all,
 Firebats and Marines take only half damage from Mutalisks and Hyrdalisks and they
 still deal out normal damage. Fill up a couple of bunkers up with marines and you
 have an almost impenetrable defense against the swarm at the beginning of the game.
 One thing that should be kept in mind when playing any race is to build several
 barracks. This will allow you to fill up those bunkers real fast and get an attack
 party going quickly. 
 • You can skip over the bunker stage and strike at the them early in the game. For
 this you must set up a couple barracks and pump out marines and firebats like crazy.
 Don't forget that this is going to take around 15-20 SCVs. One nice thing about marines
 is how cheap they are and the fact that they don't need vespene gas. It is important
 to take along firebats. Just about every attack is better with 2 different types of
 units to vary types of attack. 
 • The problem with fighting Protoss is that their zealots can simply overwhelm your
 bunkers and it's hard to stop them. There are two options; the first is to stay on
 defense, instead of marines, put firebats in your bunkers. Firebats are much better
 against zealots than marines are. The other defense you should set up are spider mines.
 Have your vultures place them in front of your base. That way, all the enemies coming
 in will have taken some damage and the zealots will be easier to take out. 
 • The other method to dealing with the Protoss is simply attacking and never relenting.
 Build up your attack party and go after them. If you can, take out their probes.
 Protoss units are expensive(Zealots cost 100 minerals - Marines cost 50) and if you 
 slow down their harvesting you get a big advantage. If you are going all out attack
 you cannot afford to let them attack you so pester them unrelentlessly. To give you
 an idea of the strength of zealots, 2 of them can take 6 marines. However, Firebats
 are the best units to take out zealots since they inflict a greater amount of damage.
 If all your opponent is building is a horde of zealots, just attack with all your
 firebats and you should be able to take him out, unless he has built several photon
 • An interesting way to stop expansion or at least be alerted to the enemies attempts
 to do so are spider mines. Drop one of these down and expansion spots and they will
 monitor the area for you. When you hear their explosion go off, you know where they
 plan on expanding and you can go and attack them. When you see your spider mine blow
 up, it usually means that your opponent is planning to expand there. You should take
 a good amount of troops there to take it out early, not too much so your main base
 is undefended but just enough to take out any resistance he put up.
 Attacking Enemy Choke Points 
 • If your opponent is Terran has sealed off a gap very well with siege tanks and you
 can't get in, build yourself siege tanks-the more the better. Move them toward the
 choke point until an enemy siege tank fires on them. Then back up just out of their
 range. Set up in siege mode here and you will be just out of the visual reach of the
 enemy siege tanks. Now, if you can move a unit in that can see the enemy tanks,
 preferably a Wraith, your tanks will be able to attack and the enemy will not be
 able to inflict you damage. When it becomes opened up, your tanks will be able to
 shoot at the enemy without being fired back upon. Other options are to take a Barracks,
 or some other strong building, and move it toward the gap until it moves into range
 of the siege tanks. This will accomplish the same task and you will be able to see
 the enemy for as long as your barracks is there. Maybe bring in a cloaked ghost would
 be the cheapest way, or if you have a comsat station you could use it, but
 unfortunately the comsat will probably not stay long enough for you to finish enemies.
 • The other tactic you could use against any opponent is to build a barracks for 150
 minerals and fly it over to the enemy defense position. They will begin to attack. 
 While they attack it, bring in your attackers and kill them while the barracks is
 being taken out. By the time the barracks is destroyed, you should be able to take
 out a good number of defenders. While the barracks takes the damage, your units can
 fire freely without getting touched. For bigger attacks maybe bringing along 3 or 4
 more barracks will really help you out.
 Nuclear Strikes and Ghosts
 • As the name implies, this is a very strong weapon. Especially late in the game. 
 If you plan on using nukes you should usually build 3 or 4 nukes and at least as
 many ghosts, usually more. One upgrade that your almost guaranteed to need is the
 cloak. This should be quite obvious. To avoid enemy detection by photons canons or
 sunken colonies, you should research the Ocular Implant, this will give you a much
 better range. Take your Ghosts and place them strategically around an enemy base.
 If they have a main defense line, make sure to launch one there as well as in any
 large clumps of buildings. Also, try to avoid detectors as much as possible. 
 • Now, when you actually do the launching try to launch all your nukes simultaneously,
 if you can. First of all, it is much harder to stop three ghosts compared to one.
 Second of all, if you do it fast enough you can really scare the enemy. If all your nukes
 are launched fast enough the enemy will only see one "nuclear launch detected".
 So if he kills one of your Ghosts he'll sigh...until your other two or three nukes hit.
 One tip to get your nukes off quickly is to have ctrl-1, 2, and 3 assigned to each of
 your ghosts to quickly move between Ghosts and set off the nukes, remember to use the
 short key! The best thing you can do to really hurt a Protoss enemy is to use EMP
 Shockwave just before the nuke gets there. This will take out the enemy shields making
 it possible to take out any Protoss building in one shot, including the Nexus. The best
 way to protect your ghost is to actually take two Science Vessels along. One to EMP and
 the other to throw a defence shield around your ghost. Even if the enemy finds your ghost,
 it is impossible to stop him and the nuke will arrive as planned! Also, a great place to
 strike Terran enemies is the Supply Depots, if they are all regrouped in one big chunk!
 You take out the Supply Depots and the enemy will not be able to recover in time. This
 is especially interesting when you have and attack force the enemy does not suspect,
 thus making it impossible for him to construct the appropriate units in time and you
 will easily whip him!
 • Lockdown is one of those weapons that is often overlooked. If you are playing against
 a Terran or a Protoss opponent, GET THIS! It can be a great defensive and offensive weapon.
 It can be used on any mechanical unit such as siege tanks, science vessels, and carriers.
 It will leave the unit unable to move or attack and open to attack for a minute. The best
 targets are units that inflict heavy damage, like BattleCruisers for example.
 • If an enemy sends in a carrier and starts launching interceptors, use lock down. The
 interceptors will be recalled and the carrier will be frozen. Then you get some marines
 together and beat down the carrier. 
 • If a Terran defense is very strong but they lack detectors, then whip out those Ghosts.
 Have them cloak, run into the enemy defense and lockdown all the siege tanks. Without
 their siege tanks it is much easier to break a very good defense. 
 • A way to combine lockdown and your nuke is to have several ghosts. You send some of them
 in to lockdown everything they can on the enemy defense line. Then you drop your bomb right
 on their defense. This will insure a higher casualty rate. Also, if they only see your 
 Ghost(s) that are locking down, they will have no idea where the Ghost with the nuke is.
 So even if they get a detector over in time they probably won't find the right Ghost. 
 And make sure to use nukes before a big attack to whip out the enemy defenses.
 Drop Ships
 • If an enemy has a particularly strong front line, don't bother wasting your units attacking
 it. It is much easier to find a backdoor and this can almost always be done with a dropship.
 Just load them up on a dropship, fly around the enemy defense, then unload right in their
 supply line. 
 • Or, if they have something like siege tanks or reavers but don't have a way to attack air
 units, load some fire bats in a dropship and take them right over an enemy unit. Drop your
 firebats down and watch them fry the enemy. This works especially well against siege tanks. 
 Science Vessels 
 • When leading an attack on an enemy don't forget about your science vessel. And if you know
 they have wraiths or anything that can cloak, this is necessary. If you don't bring the
 detector it'll be open season on your attackers. Don't even send the vessel in to the midst
 of an enemy attack unless you know they have something cloaked otherwise it will get ripped
 • Defensive matrix is great, it can be used to run past an enemy supply and take out some
 SCVs. Then there's the EMP shockwave. USE THIS AGAINST PROTOSS. It can take off half or more
 of the energy on any Protoss unit or any Protoss structure. Using this on most buildings and
 units can take out half its energy real quickly. And against Archon's there is no substitute
 to science vessels. Archon's have 350 energy and 10 life. What this means is that once you
 EMP them, they have 10 life! This is a great way to plow through a couple of archon's. Show
 them who has power overwhelming!!!
 • Irradiate, on the other hand, is your anti-zerg weapon. It's not all that effective, but
 it does around 225 damage. If one of your siege tanks is about to be attacked by zerglings,
 throw this spell on the siege tank. The siege will not be hurt but the zerglings will die.
 Or throw it onto a pack of hydralisks to take them out. Or . . . even better. Take science
 vessels into a zerg or Terran base and irradiate their drones/SCVs. That should put a dent
 in their supplies!
 • Firebats are the ultimate weapon against Protoss early on in a game. You might want to 
 consider walling off a choke point (if there is one on the map) with bunkers. The bunkers
 in front should be full of firebats to really hit any land units that rush HARD. And in
 the bunkers in the back, put your marines. A zealot rush is torn apart by this defense. 
 • Vultures are fairly weak units (disregarding spider units) and should rarely used as
 your main attacking unit. They are a bit like upgraded zerglings and can be used similarly.
 If your opponent has a weak defense, run a few of these past them and take out their supply
 line. They will only inflict full damage on a small units, one quarter on a large unit!
 This is not a late game unit.
 • A better strategy, however, is to use them as an anti-zealot unit. Simply use the old
 hit and run strategy on them. Run in, hit the zealot, turn, and run away. Repeat as
 necessary. Hehe, the poor zealots are pretty open to these kind of attacks. You just
 got to do it right so the zealots won't get an attack in. 
 Choke-Point Defense 
 • The choke-point is extremely useful with Terrans because of the bunker and the siege
 tank. At the choke-point build several bunkers filled with marines or firebats. I would
 lean toward marines because your siege tanks will provide the land defense and you need
 something that can attack air unless your opponent is going all zealots. Line your siege
 tanks up in siege mode behind the bunkers. Or if there is a cliff around your base you
 might want to put your siege tanks up there. Gives you a little extra advantage against
 land attacks if the enemy can't get to your siege tanks. Then, if you want to add even
 more protection, place spider mines in front of your bunkers. With this defense, the
 enemy will have an extremely hard time penetrating into your colony. And you must have
 at least one or two, preferably more, SCVs around your tanks and bunkers to keep them
 at full health.
 The Shuffle 
 • After the enemy attacks and you have wiped them out, the fog of war covers up their
 view. If you move your buildings a bit during this time you can really throw off some
 of their attacks, especially spells. Often an enemy will cast a spell just where the
 building WAS. They'll go and cast it and it won't hurt anything!
 • A great early defense against the early rush use your bunkers. Try to fill up 2-3
 bunkers as fast as you can with marines. This works especially well against zerg.
 I haven't come up against a zerg player who could rush me past my bunkers. Against
 zealots it's hard to defend against because zealots are so powerful against marines.
 Firebats help a lot against zealots so get that academy pretty quickly. And use a
 few SCVs to repair your bunkers in the middle of the battle. 
 • If your buildings are going to blow up because you can't hold off a rush, you can
 always lift your buildings off the ground. I would really not recommend this unless
 you have a way to defend from the units that are attacking. For example an early
 zergling rush. But dont do this on small maps because you will have no where to go
 as the opponent will simply stay there. And fly over cliffs and water to get rid
 of the few units following your buildings.
 • Also, keep in mind that this game is not warcraft. Walling in does not work the
 same way as it did in war2. Even if you wall in your entire base, the small units
 like marines and zerglings can still simply walk right through your buildings. 
 • You usually don't have money to build turrets early on in a game but if you get
 into a long game, you should have quite a lot of money. Use the money to surround
 your base with missile turrets. I don't mean to completely wall it off with turrets
 but make sure that no flying unit can fly through them without getting hit. This
 will ensure that the enemy won't be able to land a dropship right in your supply
 line. And use them in your choke points or main defense to detect cloaked units
 and have a little extra juice against flying units. 
 Spider Mines 
 • Hmm. . . it's too bad that you have to build vultures to get spider mines. Lay
 these out all over the place in front of your base. Keep a few things in mind
 while placing them. If they are too close together, they can blow each other up,
 which is bad. Also,you want them spread apart so that they won't all be set off
 by one weak enemy, like a lonely zergling.
 • They also give you a view of the map wherever they are so you'll be able to
 spot enemy attack forces and get an idea of what kind of units they have before
 engaging them. Also, you can place these at expansion spots to guard them for you.
 Or, when on the attack put these down outside an enemy barracks so that the instant
 a unit is built he will be attacked by a mine. 
 • Spider mines also keep your opponent occupied with them instead of concentrating
 you. You'll find that if the enemy knows that they are scattered all over the place
 he will try to take them out by killing them before they blow up. This kind of
 movement usually requires your opponent to keep an eye on his units. Instead of
 building other units, he is often occupied with your mines.
 A Few Reminders
 Once last thing is to constantly scout the map to know what your enemy is doing,
 this will greatly enhance your attacks as you know what kind of units you will
 be facing. Use some cloaked Wraiths to attack enemy peon lines. Remember to
 always be alert and the most important thing is to expand. In order to support
 your armies, attacks, advanced units and defenses, you must have a strong economy.
 And remember defenses will never win games!
 Zerg Strategies
 • Whip out that plague and start killing some humans. This spell can take the
 terrans life down real fast:) Build a bunch of defilers and go on the rampage
 with plague. Backed with some other units, this spell is a deadly combination. 
 • Ever have the Terrans lift their buildings up on you? Hehe, if you have
 scourges, this is the time to use them. Your opponent will land VERY quickly
 or his buildings will be wiped out. 
 • Scourges are a great weapon to take out those stupid overlords. Especially
 if your opponent is not wise and leaves them wide open for attack. Heck, my
 favorite sport in Starcraft is overlord hunting  >=]
 Guarding Against Expansion 
 • Burrow. It's really great to use. Burrow a unit at an expansion spot or
 more if you know that's where the enemy is going to go. Just imagine if they
 don't detect your units. You can unburrow and take out their new colony
 which most likely has very little defense. Wait till the enemy has a few
 probes so it will cost him a lot more and will hurt his economy quite a little.
 Mass Producing 
 • The Zerg are known as a swarming race and are best used when you do mass
 produce their units. They are cheap and are rapidly built. To do this,
 however, you need more than one hatchery. Build a second hatchery, maybe 
 a third, in your main base earlier in the game. This will allow you to
 really pump out a lot of units. 
 Attacking Enemy Choke Points
 • This is basically an explanation of an attack against your basic Terran
 choke point defense with siege tanks, bunkers, and missle turrets. Build
 up at least 6 guardians and a lot of scourges or hydralisks depending on
 how much air defense they have. Some Queens can be useful, as well. Start
 hitting those turrets or bunkers with your guardians and your opponent will
 send it in the air defense in. If he doesn't have any, he's finished and if
 he does, scourge him. Continue taking out all opposition with your guardians.
 If you have the queens, now is the time to start using broodling on his units,
 preferably the siege tanks! By now, you should have taken out most of his defense
 and if you rush in with some hydras you should be able to finish him. 
 Zergling Rush 
 • First you must not use your 50 minerals at the beggining. Save it until you have
 150 minerals and make a Spawning pool. Durring the construction, make one more drone,
 and wait till its done. By then you should have just 150 minerals, make 6 zerglings
 and go attack, you will have to make another overlord soon, but one will be enough.
 Get the barracks first, after the very few units he has built. Next, head right for
 their supply lines. Get the Nexus or Command center right afterwards. If he lifts his
 buildings up, dont worry, keep a few zerglings there and send the rest to follow his
 flying building until you can get some hydras out!
 • Hydralisks are perhaps the most versatile unit for the Zerg. They can be used effectively
 in just about any point in the game. They shouldn't be used for a rush unit like a zergling
 because they take much longer to get. But you can get hydras fairly quickly. Get a dozen
 hydras as fast as you can (I don't mean to just forget buildings drones, just try to get
 that den up pretty early in the game) and attack the enemy. This is basically what your
 hydra rush consists of. By this time, any good Terran WILL have bunkers but Hydras should
 still be able to tear through them. Just concentrate your all your attacks on one bunker
 at a time. Build more than one Hatchery to produce more hydras quickly. Remember to get 
 some gas early.
 • If you can tell that you won't be able to penetrate the enemy defense, no sweat. Just
 burrow outside of his base. Wait for him to go to attack you then unburrow and attack his
 much weaker defense. Or use this in your own base for defense. Set up some hydras as you
 main line. In front of them acting as scouts you should have burrowed hydras or zerglings.
 Let the enemy walk over your burrowed units and when they go to attack your first group,
 unburrow. The enemy is now caught in a pincer attack and will be under heavy attack. 
 This attack is effective even against large groups of zealots. Also, if you can, this
 takes a little practice, but try to get a few zerglings or hydras around the distance of
 the seige tanks, lets him set up and only attack once his tanks are in seige mode, he
 will not have enough time to unseige them and he will be at your mercy. With the seige
 tanks out there is no way you cant repell the attack!
 • Mutalisks are your basic air attack for the zerg. If you are ever planning an attack
 with guardians make sure you keep some mutalisks also for some protection. Their attack
 is extremely effective because it bounces off three targets doing 9, 4, then 2 damage.
 Be wary to use these if your enemy has a lot of templars or scourges. Most scourges can
 be killed if you group your mutalisks together. The scourge will die before he hits anything. 
 • However, it is pretty hard to avoid a psionic storm. If you know they have this spell
 you have two choices; one, don't build mutalisks or, two, keep your mutalisks in a couple
 seperate groups and keep them constantly on the move so they won't all be killed in a single
 psionic storm. Mutalisks tend to group in a samll cluster when attacking, be carful and
 watch out for those templars.
 • Bring these guys into an enemy supply line and start attacking SCVs. With their rebound
 shot, Mutalisks can do massive damage to the enemy SCVs or drones and probes. Also, it's
 fairly easy to sneak mutalisks around an enemy defense unless they throw up turrets around
 their entire base. Mutalisks are fast, use this advantage to your best.
 • If you have built a greater spire watch your energy of your mutalisks when in battle.
 When one of them gets low on energy, morph them into a guardian. This gives your mutalisk
 /guardian a new energy bar. And if the rest of your mutalisks are dead and your guardian
 has not finished and he is getting pounded in the cocoon, cancel him. You will get your
 money back and you won't have wasted it for a unit that would die quickly. 
 • Guardians are extremely powerful units if you can afford them. It costs a lot of
 vespene gas to get mutalisks and then morph them but they are often worth it even
 though they cannot attack air units. Just bring some other kind of air defense along
 with them, such as mutalisks or hydralisks to protect them from scouts and other
 • They have a very long range of attack and keep this in mind when attacking photon
 cannons, bunkers, or other units. If you stop them right when they begin firing at
 a cannon, they will be out of range of the cannon and still be able to kill it. The
 equivalent of the catapult in war2. 
 • Scourges are easily overlooked but don't underestimate them. If an enemy is 
 stockpiling a large attack force of air units, mass produce these guys. Send in a
 large number of them and take out EVERYTHING in the sky. Really effective against
 the Protoss air force.
 • Or use them on defense against the same opponent who is building lots of air.
 Patrol the scourges up and down your front lines. No air units, including dropships,
 will be getting in. But beware, Protoss upgraded shuttles are faster than scrouges
 and you will not be able to stop them, use other units instead.
 • Use these against the zerg to devastate their overlords. Build a dozen or so of
 these and you will be able to take out 6 of their overlords(2 scourges per overlord)
 If you distract the enemy first with an attack it is easier to get your scourges past
 their defense. Or against the Terran, use scourges on any buildings they have lifted
 off the ground.
 • When you have a bounch of scourges dont make all 12 attack one carrier, 3 or 4 is
 quite enough, dont waste them and keep them in reserve to counter any backups the
 enemy might have.
 • Defilers have some amazing spell abilities. Number one on the list has got to be
 plague. Cast that on a group of marines and send in some Mutalisks. Each mutalisk 
 will be able to take out three units with each hit (the mutalisk attack jumps from
 one guy to the next). 
 • Consume is a good support spell for plague, it will suck the mana from other units
 and give it to your defiler. Research this spell and then start pumping out zerglings.
 Sacrifice your own zerglings so your defilers can continuely get mana continue
 throwing plague on your opponents. 
 • Throw a parasite onto an enemy carrier or battlecruiser. Or any other powerful unit.
 Your opponent will most likely not sacrifice this unit to get rid of the parasite.
 If he doesn't, you get a clear view of that unit. If he does happen to kill it, oh well.
 No loss to you.
 • Ensnare has only a few useful effects. When you see the blur of a cloaked unit and you
 lack detectors, use this spell on it. It will become ensnared and visible to your units.
 Then hit the ensnared unit hard with hydras. Or use ensnare on a large attacking force.
 This is especially useful against a herd of zealots. They will be slowed down a lot and
 open to a couple free attacks from your hydralisks who will be able to shoot them from afar. 
 Spawn Broodling 
 • Spawn broodling is a really annoying spell for your opponents. Just throw these at the
 enemy, you kill them. Use this to get rid of enemy Templars and seige tanks!
 Critter Scouts 
 • Cast parasite on critters and you will be able to watch random spots around the map as
 they move around. Not extremely useful, but it has its uses. Many opponents won't check
 to see if a critter has a parasite on them, also. 

Clan Tournaments

 Well, our Clan will have our tournaments too! Our first one will be very shortly,
 this week we hope. The standings will be posted here!
 The numbers are the match numbers, each match has a number.
 Main Tournament
 Round 1         Round 2       Round 3         Round 4
 1.         \_____________
 ___________/             \
                   9.      \_____________
 ___________               /             \
 2.         \_____________/               \
 ___________/                              \
                                  13.       \________________
 ___________                                /                |
 3.         \_____________                 /                 |
 ___________/             \               /                  |
                   10.     \_____________/                   |
 ___________               /                                 |
 4.         \_____________/                                  |
 ___________/                                                |
                                                   15.       |1rst______________
 ___________                                                 |
 5.         \_____________                                   |
 ___________/             \                                  |
                   11.     \_____________                    |
 ___________               /             \                   |   
 6.         \_____________/               \                  |
 ___________/                              \                 |    
                                   14.      \________________|    
 ___________                                /                     
 7.         \_____________                 /
 ___________/             \               /
                   12.     \_____________/
 ___________               /
 8.         \_____________/
 16.        \____________
 ___________/            \
                   20.    \_________________
 ___________              /                 |
 17.        \____________/                  |
 ___________/                               |
                                      22.   |_________________ Consaltion winner
 ___________                                |
 18.        \____________                   |
 ___________/            \                  |
                   21.    \_________________|
 ___________              /
 19.        \____________/
 Match 30:  Loser of match 14  vs loser of match 13
 Match 31:  Loser of match 12  vs loser of match 11
 Match 31:  Loser of match 9  vs loser of match 10
 Match 32:  Winner of match 24  vs  winner of match 25
 Match 33:  Loser of match 24  vs  loser of match 25
 Match 34:  Grand winner (win once)  vs  winner of consalation (must win twice)
 1rst :  Winner of match  34
 2nd  :  Loser of match  34
 3rd  :  Loser of match 15
 4th  :  Winner of match  30
 5th  :  Loser of match 30
 6th  :  Winner of match 32
 7th  :  Loser of match 32
 8th  :  Winner of match 33
 9th  :  Loser of match 33
 10th :  Loser of match 22
 The real Standings & Points
 1 -               - 2000
 2 -               - 1600
 3 -               - 1250
 4 -               - 1000
 5 -               - 800
 6 -               - 650
 7 -               - 500
 8 -               - 350
 9 -               - 300
 10-               - 250